Rounding Off Halloween: Black Static 19 from TTA Press, Reviewed

Horror) describes as ‘the most consistently excellent horror magazine published’ to enter its fourth year. To celebrate its third anniversary, Black Static shows off the return of American Steve Rasnic Tem, Interzone regular Lavie Tidhar and award-winning Simon Clark make their debuts, while semi-regulars Joel Lane and Ray Cluley add superb stories to the mix. […]

How Halloween Treats Differ by Culture: Foods Celebrating All Hallows’ Eve in the U.S. and Europe

<p>countries around the world.</p> <p><b>Common Themes of Halloween: Soul Cakes, Light, and the Spirit World</b></p> <p>Although the specific foods and customs differ across cultures, Halloween represents an important time of year when the food and ceremonies originally reflected the end of the harvest, as well as a keen awareness of hunger, impending winter, and the […]