Magic & Spells for Witches at Halloween, Beltane: Pagan & Celt Charms & Traditions for Fun Hallowe’en in Occult Style

Halloween kickoffs the season of holidays and heralds the beginning of fun and excitement as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year soon follow one another. At the onset of October, planning for Halloween parties begin and every party host puts in great efforts to make his or her party as hauntingly thrilling as possible. Planning has to be done on several fronts like sending Halloween invitations, arranging for decorations, deciding activities, games, party menu and costumes and so on. However, before embarking on the planning activities it is necessary to decide your Halloween party theme. All the other factors will be dependent on the theme you have chosen; if the party is for adults then the scary element can be heightened while a party for kids has to be a mix of fun and little amount of fright.

Halloween or Beltane in the Witch World, is the most powerful night in the Witches and Occult Calendar, the night the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. A night to cast powerful spells and perform strong magic, to communicate with and to walk with the dead and to scry into the future. Covens of witches and practitioners of magic worldwide will meet on 31st October to celebrate Beltane with an orgy of feasting, drinking and spellcasting.

Many of the traditions of Halloween spellcasting and myth descended from the mystic, mountainous lands of the ancient Druids. The Celts of these misty and cloud shrouded haunts have passed down stories, myths, tales and recipes through generations. Indeed, many of the traditional Halloween spells suggest strong links back to celebrations for both the Roman Goddess Pomona and the sacred Celtic paradise of Apple Land or Avalon.

Whilst in no way recommending occult and magic practices, some traditional spells and charms for modern Halloween celebrants are as follows:

Halloween Spell to Protect Crops and Livestock

Dating back to pagan times farmers and landowners would walk around their fields and land with blazing torches,which was a magical rite descended from Celtic rituals to protect cattle and crops for the coming year and ensure fertility and growth.

Halloween Bonfires for Protection

On Halloween Celts would gather on the tops of mountains or hills around lighted bonfires. Whilst the sun worshipping Druids conducted rites to call back the sun after a long winter, it was also believed that witches and evil spirits would be drawn to the bonfire and burnt up.

Jack O’Lanterns as Magic Charms

The traditional Jack O’Lanterns made from either pumpkins or turnips are said to be charms which will ward off evil spirits

Halloween Predictions for a Future Husband

As Halloween was traditionally a night to see into the future, many young girls, in particular, followed ancient customs to scry out potential husbands. Some of these included:

  • Placing hazelnuts in front of a blazing fire to represent all potential partners and chanting, “If you love me pop and fly, If you hate me burn and die”
  • Taking a lighted lamp to a fresh water spring or stream of running water at midnight, a young girl would be able to see a reflection of the face of her future husband in the water
  • Taking a candle into a darkened room with a large mirror and focusing upon her reflection in the mirror whilst either eating an apple or combing her hair, it was believed that the image of a future husband should appear in the mirror
  • Apple peel spell – Peel an apple in one continuous piece and throw it over the left shoulder. The peel should form the initial letter of the name of a future wedding mate
  • Apple pip spell – Naming apple pips for each potential suitor a young girl would stick them onto her cheeks. The last to fall from her face would represent the man she would marry

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