Best Cheap Dog Costumes for Halloween: Dog Halloween Costumes – Inexpensive Pimp Dog, Princess, Prisoner

Halloween kickoffs the season of holidays and heralds the beginning of fun and excitement as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year soon follow one another. At the onset of October, planning for Halloween parties begin and every party host puts in great efforts to make his or her party as hauntingly thrilling as possible. Planning has to be done on several fronts like sending Halloween invitations, arranging for decorations, deciding activities, games, party menu and costumes and so on. However, before embarking on the planning activities it is necessary to decide your Halloween party theme. All the other factors will be dependent on the theme you have chosen; if the party is for adults then the scary element can be heightened while a party for kids has to be a mix of fun and little amount of fright.

Here are some of the best cheap dog costumes for Halloween. Dog Halloween costumes can be unique and inexpensive like: Pimp Dog, Princess Dog, Prisoner Dog, Patriotic Tea Party Dog, Sailor Dog, Bumble Bee, and more.

Under $10

For real economy, try getting a quick and cheap outfit at an “on sale” price. Or buy a dog hat or some dog accessory, and use that as the whole costume, or add something simple like a bandana to complete the look. A self-made or home-made costume will be truly unique.

Fresh Flowers Hat at GlamourDog.com (Clearance Section):

Add a purple bandana, make a tie on skirt, and add some cheap jewelry. Or make a price tag and hang it down from the hat and it’s a Minnie Pearl Costume. Look this up if unfamiliar with the look.

A Bow tie from SuperStarPetLovers ($3) can be the basis for several costumes with a bit of imagination. Wikipedia has a “List of Bow Tie Wearers” including:

  • Bill Nye
  • Pee Wee Herman
  • Groucho Marx

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Unique Costumes

A truly unique costume can be made with a simple bow tie, hair products, and body paint. For example, Groucho Marx needs a “mustache”. A Pee Wee Herman Dog needs his hair slicked down. Even a suit could be painted onto a Pee Wee Dog, but try it ahead of time. Or, get heavy white paper to make cuffs for a Chippendale dog.

SuperStarPetLovers.com has a Patriotic Bandana which would be great for a Tea Party Dog. They have a lot of cheap accessories which are found by searching for “hats”. Their Bark For Green Scarf could have plastic bottles or cans tied around the pup’s waist to make Recycling Dog. Make sure the bottles don’t jangle and scare the little guy.


  • Witch Hat
  • Hippie Hat & Bandana
  • Cool-Cat Hat & Bandana – for Pimp Dog or Rap Dog

Check out the Pigtails Dog Hat at BrandsOnSale or the TrendyPuppy.com Cute Puppy Princess for small dogs.

Under $20

See the Casual Tux with Tails and Hat at GlamourDog.com in clearance: Spin a little ZZ Top for this one. “‘Cuz every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” Teach poochie to bark during the guitar solo. Humans should google around for a ZZ Top beard for themselves.

More at GlamourDog.com:

  • Shark Dog
  • Monkey Dog
  • Lil Devil Dog

SuperStarPetLovers.com has a Denim Overall for Dennis the Menace Dog (give the dog a cowlick). There are cute Sailor Bandanas at PupInCloset.com. HalloweenStreet.com has a Daisy Mae Dog Derby, and AnnaSparkles.com has a Cow Costume, Pig Costume, and a Chinese-style top. There’s a funny Cowboy Riding Horse at TerrificPets.com.


  • Cheap Pimp Dog Costume
  • Yoda Dog
  • School Girl

Try BuyCostumes.com for Daisy Bee Dog, Pirate Puppy, Zelda Bumblebee, Taco Dog, Sailor Costumes, Frog Prince, Zelda Queen, and Dapper Dog. Hot Dog styles and Dogzilla can be found at TrendyPuppy.com. UpscalePup.com has a wizard suit.

Under $30

Purple Ruffle Dress at GlamourDog.com (Clearance Section): Glue some plastic fruit to a headband or a wide elastic band and tie it on for Carmen Miranda Dog. There’s a prize, for sure.

Or check out these other cute costumes at Glamour Dog:

  • Skunk Dog
  • Doggie Fool
  • Football Dog. Get this Macho Man to bring his girl, Cheerleader Dog.
  • Lady Bug
  • Swine Flu Dog (Dog MD)


(Made in America.)

  • Propeller Beanie and Scarf (A Great Geek Look)
  • Super Dog Cape and Shirt
  • Sailor Cap and Collar (Very French)
  • Tartan Tam-O-Shanter Dog
  • Tutu and Bow


  • Grease-style 50s costumes for girls and boys
  • Nascar-style Dog.
  • Uncle Sam for Tea Party Dog
  • Party Animal for Tourist-Dog costume
  • Karate Dog
  • Baseball Dog

BuyCostumes.com: Zelda Prisoner Dog, Cave Man Dog, Mailman Dog Rider, Far-Side style Pink Bouffant Girl Dog, and Monkey Dog Rider. Find a Fairy Tail Princess costume at UpscalePuppy.com or a Western Cowboy outfit at TrendyPuppy.com.

Get a readymade dog costume or come up with a unique dog costume for Halloween. Holidays can be cheap. Then tell the little one a bedtime story about how some day he will get to go to Doggy Disneyland (Marymoor Park).

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