The Top Ten Best Scary Movies for Halloween Viewing

Most people like to watch scary movies at Halloween, but some horror movies aren’t suitable for young children. Consequently, in order to help you select the perfect movie for Halloween viewing, here is a list of the top ten best scary movies, five for family viewing and five for older audiences. Granted the list is […]

Printable Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids: Free Coloring Sheets for Children – Scary Ghost, Bat, Witch Images

Most kids love to color and enjoy celebrating the Halloween holiday. Parents can find free printable Halloween coloring pages online and use coloring activities as a lead in to teach children a history lesson. Profiled below are two sources of free coloring sheets and links to other printable Halloween holiday worksheets like crossword puzzles. Free […]

The Origin and Tradition of Halloween

At first glance Halloween is a trivial holiday during which children dress up and travel from doorstep to doorstep shouting “Trick or Treat” in an effort to solicit free candy. The roots of this holiday; however, are extremely interesting and are founded in tradition. Once the history of Halloween is understood a deeper meaning can […]

Scary Halloween Sound Effects to Trick or Treat

With a bit of creativity and some low-cost computer speakers, it is possible to create some eerie sounds for Halloween. To do this for the typical display of jack o’lanterns is easy enough, and many of the items can be had cheaply on Ebay or at neighbourhood yard sales. Halloween sound effects do not require […]